Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions, we would love to try and help you. Please email us at Here are some questions we often get asked, but yours might be different, so do get in touch!

Do you run training courses in other places?

Most of our courses are run in Cambridge, because that is where we live and work. However, we do sometimes offer courses in different parts of the UK. Look on the Training Courses page for further details of course location.

Do you do webinars or online training?

Not at the moment, though this is something we are working on! We'll keep you posted! We are always happy to consider individual requests.

Do you have courses for parents?

Unfortunately, we don't offer courses for parents at the moment, though this is something we will be working on. We want to be able to support parents of children with social communication difficulties, but as we work part time and are a very small team, we have had to prioritise our professionals courses at the moment. Bear with us and we hope to have something for parents soon!

Can you come and train our team?

Yes! We have a very limited capacity to travel out to teams and services, but if we can do it, it often works out to be cost effective and an efficient way to share knowledge for a whole school, service or team. Do email us to check if we have any availabilty on

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